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There’s supposed to be light, right?

We’re theoretically in the home stretch, with just a few more weeks left in the school year.  Somehow bio labs have gotten away from me, so we’ll be doing several (OK, more like 14) in the next few weeks.  On the good side, co-op turned out OK – the kids remembered all the saints we studied, and they LOVED playing with clay on our last day.  No one from church called to complain about tiny clay bits, either.  Perhaps that’s because the RE classes left so many potato chip chunks on the floor.

More to come, God and bio labs willing!


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Wisdom From the Sofa

Question Boy:  Guess what!

Dancer Girl:  What?  (ignoring excitement of older brother)

Question Boy:  If it takes your stomach 10 minutes to realize it’s full, then if you eat at the exact same time the Sun explodes, you’ll be incinerated before you realize you’re not hungry any more.

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Field Trip Friday

At the Air Mobility Command Museum next to Dover Air Force Base, we enjoyed being outside among the static displays (aircraft parked on the ramp as exhibits).  We climbed into a C-141B and my son tried out the pilot’s seat.  (He fits.  This is good, as he dreams of flying jets, and he’s quite tall.)  The nice museum volunteers let both kids try out the flight simulator.  It has a yoke AND proper foot pedals, which makes the experience fairly realistic.  It was nice to get away from the books for a day and see something new.

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Third Time’s a Charm

With an unexpected lull in my writing schedule, I’ve decided to move my homeschooling blog to WordPress.  With luck, I’ll easily figure out this process and get my archives transferred over some time soon.

We started our school year (the sixth!) last week, kicking things off with two cool field trips.  We live near so many amazing historical sites, museums and parks that we could do a field trip a week and never run out.  We fulfilled my daughter’s long-cherished desire to revisit the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  The next day, we hit Historic St. Mary’s City (read about it here).

We’ve added a new learning opportunity to my son’s high school curriculum – auto mechanics.  He’s been helping Dad fix our old-but-repairable cars.  As my menfolk returned home Friday after several hours at the Auto Hobby Shop, it dawned on me that I should be logging this time on our weekly record sheets.  (Homer Simpson moment!)

My daughter picked up a hand loom at St. Mary’s City and has been weaving every day since.  Art!

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