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Kacky on the 4Real message boards provided a resource along with a really interesting question.  Should we dissect? 

I took a look at the National Anti-Vivisection Society’s website and was amazed at the number of dissection alternatives they offer, simply for the price of return shipping.  I’m sure I will be contacting them to borrow some CD’s.

I went to Catholic school and we dissected all kinds of things.  I was fascinated when I discovered how an eye was really put together and how beautiful the retina is (shimmery blues and greens in a cow’s eye).  I realized then that God places beauty everywhere, even where we can’t see it, simply because He wants it there.  Certainly I think doctors-to-be and other science professionals benefit from the dissection process; you can’t learn to be a vet, for example, without working with real animals.

My son absolutely refuses to dissect anything.  I’ll be lucky if he takes up a scalpel to slice a plant stem.  He’s studying biology this year, and enjoys looking at microscope slides, even of animal tissue.  For him, the process of dissection is the difficulty.  We’ve agreed as a family that we don’t need to dissect, given the availability of alternatives such as websites and, now, loaner CD’s and models.  He will sketch from other materials and learn about animal systems that way.  He already knows, as a teen, that he has no interest in a health care profession, so we’re all OK with his “no dissection” decision.

In its own way, this topic is as controversial as animal testing, or perhaps even stem cell research.  One of my old colleagues successfully sued the Virginia Beach school system because she didn’t want to dissect in high school – she proposed sketching from CD-ROM’s instead – and she won.  I was amazed that she had to go to court over this issue, but she did.

Personally, I’m glad there are so many dissection alternatives out there.  I’d hate to slice open any of God’s creatures “just because,” and now we don’t have to.


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