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In honor of St. Andrew Kim and the Korean martyrs, we’re pleased to present..hacky sacks!

Very popular in Korea, hacky sacks can be tossed or kicked between friends or kept in the air by one person.  Here’s how to make a simple hacky sack.

For each hacky sack, you will need:

2 8” squares of lightweight stretchy fabric, any color (contrasting is nice, and very Korean – the yin/yang concept is important there)

A rubber band

A palmful of uncooked rice


Hacky Sack Supplies


Using your scissors, cut fringes all around the edges of both fabric squares.  They should be about two inches long, but perfection isn’t necessary.  You’ll probably need to help younger children with this part.

Stack the fabric squares together.  Place the rice in the center of the top square. 


 Gather the squares together around the rice and secure with the rubber band.  Be sure the rubber band is tightly wrapped around the fabric so the rice doesn’t come out.  The fringe will make a nice decorative “tail” on the hacky sack.


Step 3, Secure With Rubber BandMake Sure It’s TightAll Done!

Hat tip: My Korean friend, Lee, who taught her Girl Scout troop to make these for Thinking Day.  Lee wrote all the girls’ names on the hacky sacks in Hanbo (Korean writing), using a Sharpee marker, too.


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