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My Catholic parish has a huge outreach program.  We cook food for homeless people, make rosaries, collect school supplies for needy children, and much, much more.  Somehow, though, Sarah’s House at Ft. Meade, Md., really touches my heart. 

Sarah’s House provides shelter and transitional living services for families who have become homeless, often because they’ve fled abusive situations.  From basic food and shelter to job placement, vehicle purchase assistance and tutoring, Sarah’s House works hard to meet the needs of Baltimore-area families who have lost everything.

One year, we were moving overseas.  I rounded up all of my business suits and donated them to Sarah’s House.  I wear (well, I did then!) a popular size, and I was sure someone could use my office wardrobe for job interviews.  When you have no home and no car, it’s mighty hard to come up with $200+ for a suit and nice shoes.

Sarah’s House works with homeless women and families to transition them to employment and normal life in the local community.  The families first receive shelter, food and other basic assistance.  Then, Sarah’s House provides child care and job training for the women who must now provide for their families without help from their former partners.

Finally, Sarah’s House collects furniture, linens, appliances and the other basics essential to setting up life in a home or apartment.

The need is great.  Sarah’s House operates out of former barracks buildings at Ft. Meade, Md., and gives shelter, counseling and more to up to 22 families at one time.

Please pray for the staff and volunteers at Sarah’s House, who work so hard to bring homeless families the resources they need to turn their lives around.


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